The Secret Cost Of Divorce No One Has Told You About

Cost Of Divorce

It is wonderful to fall in love with that special person, get married, and live happily ever after until quite literally death does you part. For millions of couples across this great country, that notion becomes a reality. For others, that feeling of love vanishes over time and divorce seemingly becomes the only option or way out. Life is about being happy, and many feel that staying married brings more misery, while divorce will bring that elusive happiness back to their being. That may very well be, but many are ill prepared for the hidden costs of divorce that nobody has told them about to this point. That is all about to change if you keep reading.

Getting A Job

If you are a spouse that has been staying at home for quite some time, it is quite likely that the loss of that other income will be significant enough to require you to enter the workforce once again. Many people do not realize that a long absence from the workplace makes it more difficult to land a good job. As a consequence, divorce often requires one or both spouses to return to school or take outside trainings in order to gain the skills necessary to find a job that pays enough to survive on their own.

Therapy and Counseling

Ending a marriage takes an emotional toll. This is particular true if the couple has been together for a number of years. Suddenly living alone is an emotional shock that often requires counseling in order to successfully overcome. This is compounded if there are children involved, as the single parent is now forced to deal with their own emotions, while also remaining strong for the children. Counseling is not cheap, but it often becomes a necessity. This is a hidden cost that few tell married couples ahead of time and it can come as quite a shock when the bills start mounting.

Health Insurance Costs

Health insurance is generally much cheaper when a couple is on the same policy. Divorce severs that relationship, however, so single payer health insurance becomes the only option. This adds to the price tag. In addition, the divorce settlement may very well stipulate that one spouse is predominately responsible for the cost of the kid’s health insurance. This can add to what is already a mounting bill as well.

The bottom line is that a couple considering divorce should consider all of the potential financial costs involved in order to be adequately prepared. At some point, plans must be put into place in order to lessen the shock and ease the transition into life post-marriage.