How To Make Sharing Joint Custody After A Divorce Easier On Everyone

Joint Custody

You can make sharing joint custody of your children a lot easier on you and your spouse if you are just honest with each other about the best way to make things work. You know that you have a lot of things to handle, but joint custody is the most important. You should take a look at options that will be easier for you to handle, and the two of you need to civil in your conversations on the topic.

Who Is Home The Most?

The parent who is home the most needs to be given some deference just because they will be around more than the other parent. This does not mean that one of you will have the kids all the time and the other parent will never see the kids. That is not what this means at all. The two of you are picking the primary residence where the parent is around the most. You are not doing anything more than that, and that will help this process move along.

Who Gets The Kids On What Days?

You can pick the days when the kids will stay with each parent, and you need to make sure that you can work out a schedule that works for the kids and their school. The two of you might choose to live close to each other so the kids can get in and out of both places easily. You will have all the help you need because the two of you have a schedule that works for the kids, and you will be able to move in and out of the house without doing a lot of driving that is unnecessary. You follow the same regular schedule, and both of you get to see the kids as much as you can. You have a much better chance of getting this right, and you do not have to worry about where the kids will live full time because they can stay with both of you.

Who Pays For What?

You both can goes halves on almost everything the kids pay for, and you can keep a simple record to make sure that both of you are paying your share. This is a simple spreadsheet that you two can both write on, and it is something that you can use to make sure you are both accountable. The both of you can agree on this easily, and then you do not have to fight about it.

You can have a nice relationship with joint custody, and you two can handle it well. Both adults can enter into an agreement to make this as easy as possible for everyone.