How To Get A Texas Divorce Without Losing Your Life’s Savings

Texas Divorce

There are a lot of things to think about when you are getting divorced, but you shouldn’t have to worry about losing everything in the process. You may be wondering how you can make the most of this hard time and keep the one thing that may be keeping you afloat.


There are two kinds of divorces in the state of Texas. The first is an at fault divorce. This kind of divorce is used when one or the other has cheated or has in another way harmed the other party. In this kind of divorce, it’s harder to keep hold of your savings or other assets unless you were the one wronged. This is because the judge will most likely see the person who wronged the other as the one who needs to pay the other in one way or another. Sometimes this is financial or in the assets the person has.

A no fault divorce is when both parties agree to the divorce. They may have mutually decided the divorce needed to be done and are fairly agreeable. This kind of divorce is a better option for everyone because no one will lose their property are be fighting over most things. The savings may be something that you and your ex split as agreed or will simply take the things you had from the beginning and call it good. The judge can mediate what will go to who and you will most likely not take a larger hit than if you were fighting with the other party about everything.

Best Options

The best options are to simply have an agreement prior to getting married in the first place. This will ensure your money will stay with you and you won’t lose anything in a divorce like this. It also may have a clause for when a spouse cheats to allow the other to have more than they may get without it. You and your would be spouse should sit down and see what kind of agreement will work the best for you and them. If this is not possible, you should think about what will happen later one when there could be a possible divorce.

Another option would be to have a divorce where everyone agrees up front. This can make the whole process easier for everyone. This kind of divorce is not always possible, but it will help so you can keep your live savings and your ex can as well. This makes starting over easier for all.

Take your time when you are looking at the options for your divorce. It’s a highly emotional time and it’s easy to blame the other for what happened. Try to rise above and find a solution that will help everyone.