Get The Truth! What Your Divorce Attorney Is Not Telling You

Divorce Attorney

Getting a divorce is rarely a pleasant experience. At the other end of the table is a person you loved deeply at one point in your life, and now the legal separation that impending in front of you can be quite daunting. Through it all, many people depend upon the honestly of their attorney to get them through the experience, but there are some things that even your lawyer might be leaving out of the process. Consider the following three areas in order to better understanding the process that you are facing as you move forward.

Spousal Communication Is A Must

Many people come to the assumption that divorce severs all relationship with their ex-partner. While this certainly might be desirable, your lawyer can tell you that this simply is not the case. This is especially true if there are children involved. Visitation rights must be worked out. Dealing with expenses moving forward is always a sticky issue, and is one that is not often going to be resolved by a simple divorce settlement. In addition, the only way to finish the divorce quickly and cheaply is going to be to involve both spouses in the communication process. Relying on lawyers to go back and forth will simply delay the process and add to the expense. So, work out your differences and talk to that person at the other side of the table that you did love at some point in your life. It will save you a great deal of grief and expense in the end.

The Judge Will Not Listen To You

You have your side of the story that you will want to come out in a court of law. We get that. The reality is, however, that the judge will likely want to hear it. There are strict laws in place in terms of how evidence is presented, and being able to tell your story to the judge simply does not play into it in most situations.

The Laws Are Often Ambiguous

Lawyers know that law inside and out, but even they need to admit that it does not always make sense. There will likely come a day during the divorce process that you discover the laws designed to protect you simply are not fair. This is the way it is, and it is the way it has been for years. Lawyers do not like to get into that, but it is reality. You will have to work within the system if you are to retain your sanity, and your money.

Divorce is tricky. It is not usually pleasant, but the law is there for a reason. Work with your lawyer and get them to tell you the truth. In the end, that will get you through the process.